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Meet Leah 


   As a child, Leah spent her time re-arranging, organizing and decorating her bedroom so it's no wonder she dreamt of being an interior designer when she grew up.  After high school, Leah attended The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising where she began a career in retail merchandising going on to switch focus to Feng Shui. During that time a mentor introduced her to the world of home staging which instantly felt like she had found her calling.  

   Combing the two, feng shui + staging, Leah uses her intuitive sense for spacial planning to create a space that will be most functional to its inhabitant. Working with the belief that a haus should be a place that sparks joy, a feeling is the end goal of each job. She thinks that people's homes should be a retreat from the outside world and a space to make memories.

   With a love for our planet and its resources Leah works with intention to reduce, reuse and recycle without compromising quality. She believes everything in the home should serve a purpose and works to minimize our impact on the environment. Frequenting thrift and vintage shops around the bay area, she's always looking for that something special. 

   Leah has found her passion designing and staging homes for the past 8 years. She has resided and worked in San Francisco, the East Bay area, Portland and currently in the Sonoma Valley. Her main goal is to help her clients see beyond what is in front of them through elevated design.